There is no one role that can truly define today's modern wife. Long gone are the days where wives were stereotyped as soft-spoken, submissive homemakers who spent their days barefoot in the kitchen cooking chicken. Today's wife is celebrated for being multi-dimensional, curious about the world around them, and above all, infused with an immovable desire to be more than ‘just someone’s wife’.

Beyond The Dress is the brainchild of Lori Milner, who herself realised when she tied the knot that there was a gap that needed to be filled when it came to acknowledging, recognising and rewarding the ever-changing role, lifestyle and challenge of the modern wife.

"As the name Beyond The Dress suggests, a married woman’s life is so much more than the white wedding. Long after the band has played and the ball gown has been bagged, she is left with a brand new life to live in," says Milner, a wife, and the owner of Mobi Warehouse – a leading provider of prepaid airtime to corporate employees. "The world is not the same as when our mothers got married. Our lives today are one big balancing act and we are trying to manage so many different facets but want to pursue perfection in all of them. We want to be the best wife we can be but never lose sight of our identity and who we are. That’s what Beyond The Dress is all about - maintaining one’s independence and identity, and learning how to navigate all of married life's little obstacles, joys and intricacies.”

Through various Workshops held across the country, Beyond The Dress has empowered hundreds of women with valuable insight on how to retain their passion in life - whether they're stay-at-home moms, or high-powered executives. Each Workshop features a number of industry experts presenting on a variety of different topics, from improving one’s communication skills, the tricky art of balancing your family and work life and financial planning, to pregnancy, beauty and image management, health and wellness, and many more.

Women who attend the Workshops leave with a toolkit of life and marriage skills and often, a renewed sense of ‘self’,” explains Milner. “That in itself is priceless.”

With two Workshops lined up for October and November, women are invited to book their seats.

The first Workshop, aptly titled The French Connection, takes place on 23 October at Killarney Country Club. Celebrity clinical psychologist Dr Paul (Dr Woolf Solomon) will be discussing an issue all women can relate to in his talk Boardroom Burnout - Bedroom Blues - which explores the relationship between stress and intimate relationships. Image strategist and consultant Donna Rae Patricios will also be spilling the beans on why French women seem to have a certain je ne sais quoi as she presents Secretes To Unlocking Your Inner French Women, which explores the world of femme fatale and provides secrets to great grooming, nutrition, fashion and men.

The second Workshop - Summer Survival Took Kit – is guaranteed to arm you with oodles of practical ways to navigate your way through the crazy festive season. Taking place on 27 November at the Crowne Plaza Johannesburg, Rosebank, the Workshop will feature advice, tips and tools from well-known lifestyle coach and clutter expert Kate Emmerson. Leading individual and corporate image consultant Janine Starkey will also be on hand to talk about dressing for your body shape.

For more information on Beyond The Dress, or to make a booking for the upcoming Workshops, log onto www.beyondthedress.co.za or contact lori@beyondthedress.co.za / 0833446729