Join the Green Movement with Imperial Green Mobility

This September, Imperial Green Mobility celebrates a decade of greening lives.

Over the last ten years, Imperial Green Mobility has cemented their position as leaders in electric vehicles. Today they are proud to be globally recognised for stocking products with minimal, or zero, carbon emissions.

Imperial Green Mobility are as passionate about their customers, as they are about our environment. Offering a diverse range of mobility solutions tailor-made for all aspects of life; from security and mining, to logistics, manufacturing and agriculture, as well as a segment dedicated to helping improve the lives of the elderly and disabled. To commemorate their birthday month, they will be offering free onsite assessments for all their customers' vehicles and running amazing specials and promotions.

"10 years in business through a challenging economic and political environment is really something we are proud of," says Jonathan Cohen, Managing Director of Imperial Green Mobility. "Green mobility is a hot topic in South Africa but is taking time to filter into action. There is so much information on the devastating effect carbon emissions have on our environment. The technology is there to help us lead more sustainable, responsible lives. We are passionate about promoting this fact and making sure we leave a safe, clean and sustainable world for generations to come. We pride ourselves on the fact that we offer a wide range of products that are all electric. Not only do electrical products generally mean far less maintenance and reliability issues than combustion engines, but they are much, much kinder to Mother Earth."

Reflecting back on the last decade, Imperial Green Mobility has achieved a number of note-worthy accolades, one of which includes turning Segway into a well recognised brand in South Africa. "Most shopping malls rely on Segway to give their guards added efficiency, awareness, response speed and productivity. Besides the major security influence that Segway has provided to police and security, there are Segway guided tours at the majority of tourist hotspots around South Africa. Everyone can enjoy riding a Segway, you don’t need to be a security guard or factory supervisor to do so!" says Jonathan.

With their sights set on expanding beyond South Africa's boarders, Imperial Green Mobility has their sights set on continuing to establish agents and distributorships in many Sub-Saharan countries. They also plan to build on their already impressive wide range of vehicles that assist many different types of markets. They have recently added Marshell - a new golf cart, shuttle cart and electric shuttle bus brand - to their portfolio of products and are confident that over the next few years, Marshell will be the most well known and well liked electric cart / bus brand in Africa.

Massive growth in the delivery of fast food and small items (online purchases) has resulted in many customers renting electric delivery scooters from Imperial Green Mobility. The E-max Delivery Scooter has become hugely popular because it requires little maintenance and no petrol.

"In 2012 the South African Post Office purchased five 120SD E-max scooters to pilot the delivery capability of the electric scooter and to help them achieve their sustainability goals," says Jonathan. "The purchase was the start of a much larger project with the South African Post Office. Since then we have been testing battery and motor technology to ensure we can provide the Post Office with a solution that will enable them to use the scooters with the same required range as petrol scooters. We have now finally achieved this with state of the art battery, controller and motor technology. The South African Post Office is finally ready to increase their fleet size, achieve sustainability goals and roll this out nationally."

Imperial Green Mobility is also ardent when it comes to community development. As part of the Imperial Group, Imperial Green Mobility empowers young interns to learn and work with the company to develop their knowledge and qualifications around electric and other green mobility technology. Recently, the company provided the Nelson Mandela Municipal University in Port Elizabeth with a fleet of electric, off-road vehicles to modify, test and implement in the fight against Rhino poaching. These silent vehicles will enable rangers to move quietly through various terrain to protect the vulnerable Rhinos.

Imperial Green Mobility also sponsor mobility equipment to those institutions that need such devices but are unable to afford them. This assists patients or residents to feel freedom that they would never otherwise have been able to experience.

"There are many mobility products on the market but the problem is that they are poor quality, inconvenient and unreliable," says Jonathan. "We provide a range of mobility products that suit the needs of any person with mobility challenges. The Luggie, for example, is an electric scooter that folds and fits easily into a car, aeroplane or bus. We have also introduced the Segfree; a modified version of the Segway which allows a person to ride the Segway while seated. This gives a person with mobility challenges the opportunity to go places and feel freedom that they never thought was possible. We also work closely with some medical aid companies who understand the importance of these products and support their use wholeheartedly."

With national service centres in Gauteng (Joburg and Pretoria), Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth, Imperial Green Mobility is looking to the future. "We expect the 'green' momentum to continue to pick up, resulting in a green, mobility conscious society we all dream of," adds Jonathan. "Of course, we will need Government to play a much larger role in providing regulatory support and pro-activeness to promote the various green mobility products that are locally on offer. However, if the momentum continues as it has over the last ten years, we are on track to providing sustainable solutions to each and every mobility need. Who knows, maybe soon you will see Tesla in South Africa!"