Legacy Lifestyle has launched a new, exciting and, best of all, user friendly app in line with the Programme's significant progress in the rewards market over the last three years.

The new app, which promises extra benefit for both Legacy Lifestyle members as well as brand partners, has been revamped from the bottom up, meaning that the user interface is easier to navigate as it has been designed to abide by best practice guidelines. The app makes use of newer technologies, allowing the Programme to better target specific members with promotions that are relevant to them in terms of things like geographic location, previous spend and a fuller set of demographics.

Free to download, the Legacy Lifestyle Rewards app rewards members for their impeccable taste and style whenever they spend at a Lifestyle Partner. The Programme's success lies in the fact that it is one of only a handful of programmes that offers a complete, valuable user journey to each one of its members. Adding to this, Legacy Lifestyle Rewards is currently the only programme in the industry that has aligned virtual currency with the South African Rand. This means that 100 Lifestyle Rands is the equivalent to 100 South African Rands, offering members a simplified, tangible benefit when transacting at Legacy Lifestyle brand partners. Backed up by high percentage back rewards (up to 25% back), and an array of only the best of partners, Legacy Lifestyle remains a steadfast leader in the rewards industry.

With the launch of the new rewards app, existing Legacy Lifestyle members will continue to have access to the finest rewards across all of their favourite Lifestyle categories and earn up to 25% back in Lifestyle Rands on their expenditure at over 200 luxury Lifestyle Partners.  Further benefit for members comes in with Legacy Lifestyle's new account management console. Users are able to manage their Lifestyle Profiles simply and efficiently via the app.  In addition to being able to update their details, check their balances, and monitor their transactions, members are now able to link their Dis-Chem Benefits Card to their Lifestyle accounts, convert Lifestyle Rands to Voyager Miles and vice versa, nominate a charity as their beneficiary, and refer a friend to become part of the experience.  With the app as a major focus in Legacy Lifestyle's future plans, all major developments made on the web will be ported onto Legacy Lifestyle members’ handsets – meaning that users will soon be able to order a new card via their mobile device, transfer Lifestyle Rands to another member and much more.

Legacy Lifestyle MD Mike Rowley explains that while the Programme's last rewards mobile app was functional it acted as more of an 'informational app' that educated members and potential members on the workings of the programme and informed them of new promotions. The app allowed users to either register or login to check their account balance. Since the Programme's inception three years ago, Legacy Lifestyle has made giant strides within the rewards market and continues to give members the very best rewards possible. The time had come, says Rowley, to update the app and allow Legacy Lifestyle's mobile users (who make up over 30 percent of the Programme's database) to take part in the same smooth, user-friendly processes that Legacy Lifestyle web users do.

"Over the last year and a half, we have secured industry defining partnerships with the likes of SAA Voyager, Dis-Chem Pharmacies, BMW, Liberty Own Your Life Rewards, and more. The partnerships, along with other strategic promotions, have meant that user activity within the Programme has increased tenfold over the last year. As such, it became necessary for us to update the app," says Rowley. "The new app has also enabled us to tailor make rewards.  For example, if we wanted to run a promotion in Sandton City offering double rewards on handbags, we are able to send a push notification to all females between the ages of 25 and 30 that are currently in the mall."

Not only does the new app benefit members, but is also valuable for Legacy Lifestyles brand partners.  "One of the major benefits of being a part of the Legacy Lifestyle programme is the marketing coalition that has been formed through the network of high quality brands. We use our numerous channels to market our partners and their partner specific offers to targeted members of our database," explains Rowley. "The new app opens up another great marketing channel that will allow our brand partners to better interact with our member database, and offer promotions that are specifically relevant to the right segments of consumers."