Load shedding is a relentless topic of discussion around boardroom tables, coffee tables, and news tables. And as a brand that unreservedly embraces the lighter side of life, even during load shedding, Ocean Basket has decided to spread some happiness, to create a little light.

We’re open for business,” announces Grace Harding, Ocean Basket Company Leader. “Power cut or not.”

We've created a space where our customer can relax, where she can get away from it all, feel good, and tuck into some fantastic food.”

Ocean Basket’s immediate plans to mitigate the negative repercussions of load shedding have already been rolled out. All stores have received detailed briefs with tried-and-tested procedural guides and lists of responsibilities, enabling them to continue trading during power cuts.

All stores have lamps on the tables and emergency lights for safety and cooking. There’ll also be power to facilitate payments and to maintain security for Ocean Basket patrons.

Depending on the operational requirements of the centres they’re located in, the majority of Ocean Basket stores will remain open during load shedding. Many restaurants will remain fully operational with backup generators, while some will host delicious seafood braais in true South African style, and other stores will be serving sushi by candlelight.

Ocean Basket has shouldered the burden of trying to plan a meal for the family or organising a special night out in the midst of a blackout. The company has included Eskom’s load shedding schedules on oceanbasket.com, and has highlighted the operational capability of all its restaurants in the store locator’s ’load shedding mode’.

So when the lights are out, seafood fans can easily find an operational Ocean Basket nearby.