The future of community law enforcement is NOW, with the rollout of Imperial Green Mobility's SE3 Segway Patroller.

Globally recognised as leaders in electric vehicles that boast little to no carbon emissions, Imperial Green Mobility has collaborated with the South African Police Service (SAPS), Metro Police and Private Security sector by providing SE3 Patrollers to help in the fight against crime.

Since being introduced to the local community policing sector last year December, the SE3 has been dubbed an invaluable tool in preventing crime. A natural extension of Segway's Patroller product line, this model 'felony fighter', is an ideal match for crime busting missions that require a larger vehicle. Not only does the SE3 display a more visible and obvious security presence - fully equipped with emergency lights, a headlight/spotlight, indicators, brake lights, hot swappable batteries (for 24 hour non-stop patrolling), storage compartments and siren - but it enables the rider to easily mount and dismount the vehicle during a patrol and chase

Behind the wheel of the SE3, officials in Cape Town and Durban have been able to prevent crime by creating a stronger police presence, efficiently patrolling larger areas three times faster than on foot and with less fatigue. They're also able to travel indoors, outdoors and over varied and uneven terrain, implement better traffic management, positively interact with the community they serve and proactively gather intelligence from citizens. In addition, the SE3 enables officers to prevent traffic misdemeanours and traffic congestion during load shedding.

"Some of the biggest challenges facing the public and private security sector when it comes to fighting crime are reaction times, public awareness and community trust and perception. Imperial Green realised that we were able to assist with these challenges by giving adequate patrolling equipment to the security sector, which would also allow for visual awareness," says Jonathan Cohen, managing director of of Imperial Green Mobility.

"As part of a joint patrolling collaboration between private security and public police, we deployed two demo SE3 Patrollers to Proexec Security (private security sector)  and one to Metro Police to help them patrol Cape Town's most densely populated suburbs - Sea Point and Mouille Point - during the festive season. In another joint patrolling collaboration we deployed five more units for officers working along Durban North beach front / Golden Mile. Ensure Security is currently renting four SE3s, while the SAPS where given one unit."

The collaboration, says Cohen, has been in force since the end of 2014 and is still currently in effect.

Assistant Chief Gavin Greeve, who manages the Law Enforcement, Area West, says since the SE3 was issued for patrols on Sea Point promenade it has improved visibility tremendously, as well as bettering the officers' response times - especially to complaints on grass areas and on the walkways. "Usually the officers have difficulty responding to complaints between crowds, but the SE3 patroller ensures swift response. It is easy to handle and to control," says Chief Greeve. "The SE3 has increased police visibility tenfold and it is easily noticeable from a distance due to the fact that it is clearly branded and fitted with blue lights. This is an effective way of creating a safe and secure environment to the members of the public during very busy periods of the day. It was also easy to spot problems from a distance and it is also used to make an appearance where the least expected."

Geoff Levy, CEO for Proexec Security, says the SE3 has made a positive impact on the private security sector too.  "Private security is very important in terms of crime prevention, as well as response services," says Levy. "Proexec have made use of other Segway products over the years so we were not sceptical at all - in fact we were excited - to deploy the SE3. The SE3 technology is superior to the regular Segway products and in my opinion it is safer and more stable."

Special features introduced to the SE3 also ensure every officer riding behind the wheel is safe. The SE3 includes s anti-rollover technology to help keep things on the up, independent front and rear hydraulic brakes, and Rider Detect, which disables the motors if a rider is not on the vehicle. There's an included accessory bar for attaching such things as video surveillance cameras, and a built-in 12 V power-to-go outlet for charging mobile devices. The SE3 has already proven to be a valuable asset to the international security sector, with a number of SE3s in circulation, and is set to change the way crime is tackled in our home country of South Africa.